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    Le site a été créé le 23/12/2015, dans le but de promouvoir l'idol Kamikokuryo Moe et le groupe ANGERME auprès des fans français. 

    Le site est géré entièrement par Max par le biais de la plateforme Eklablog.

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    Kamikokuryo Moe France is an unofficial fansite created in order to promote the idol Kamikokuryo Moe and her groupe, and to inform the fans. Do not use any of my work without my permission, all the unofficials pictures, most of translations, and many others things are done by myself.

    All the pictures with the girls on it, songs, ect. belongs to UP-FRONT PROMOTION Co.,Ltd.

    I'm not making any money on all of this, this is more like a hobby.

    If you want anything to be removed or whatever contact me by kamikokuryomoefrance@hotmail.com